The Chocolate Museum Tour

Join us for a guided tour of our chocolate museum.

Your tour starts off with a short presentation then we enter the tropical rainforest to learn a little more about cacao. Our tour then takes you back in time to find out the origins of chocolate and its rich history.

Next, we enter the sculpture area, with 25 solid chocolate sculptures of some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. You will also learn the history of chocolate and see some antique machinery used to make chocolate.

We then take you into the tasting room to sample some of the finest chocolates around the world.

Tours are guided and take approximately 45 minutes.


Olmecs, Mayans, Aztecs, Spanish explorers, Monks and Royalty.

Take a journey back in time to see the origins of the world’s most loved treat.


25 solid chocolate sculptures of some of the world’s most famous landmarks and people.

No flash photography permitted in the sculpture area please.


We will talk about how chocolate is made, the equipment required,

where the bars come from and a little bit about the cacao plant itself


Here you will get to sample some of the finest award winning chocolates in the world all in one room.

Deliciously different, Delightfully fun!