Nothing is as great as eating chocolate or drinking wine. Now imagine a combination of the two. Wine and chocolate pairings are iconic. Together, they bring out the best of both worlds. The right chocolate and wine can make you travel all over the world as you enjoy the excellent pairings.

In fact, according to Charles Ford, who is a famous sommelier and the GM for Daisies, the perfect combination can easily make your knees weak. He gave the following delicious wine and chocolate pairings that are without a doubt delicious!

But First;

What are the Factors to Consider When Pairing Wine and Chocolate?

So, first of all; you don’t just take any wine and eat chocolate with it. A few things need to be considered; for example; Polyphenols are components found in wine and chocolate.

This is what makes them anti-inflammatory and beneficial. Polyphenols are the reason wines have the tannic note while chocolates have bitter notes. If you want to pair bittersweet chocolate and dry wine, the outcome won’t be pleasurable because of an overload of polyphenols.

However, to succeed, it is advisable to start with wine and chocolate which are the best combinations and are quite sophisticated pairings, especially during a wine tasting in Orlando.

Well, the general rule for sweeter wines and chocolate tasting in Orlando pair is that fortified wines to ice wines such as port and sherry should give a syrupy kind of outcome after pairing.

Perfect pairings for your next wine tasting in Orlando

Chocolate Sea Salt with Verde

The milk chocolate that comes with a combination of sea salt will certainly introduce you to some excellent flavors.

In fact, white wine goes well with salty foods. When you combine some white wine with anything that’s at all salty, the results will be a deliciously sweet and salty taste that everyone loves.

When the salt is found in a creamy chocolate bar, then the sweetness will come from the white wine, and this is what we call “A perfect pairing.”

On your next chocolate tasting in Orlando outing, be sure to try this.

Salted Caramel with Chenin Blanc

This is quite possibly the most savory of all wine and chocolate pairings, and it is for those who do not like sweets and desserts.

Actually, if you do not like chocolate you will certainly appreciate the dark caramel that’s salted combined with a Chenin blanc. You will be in heaven with this combination.

The juicy apple flavors from the wine and the intense salty flavors are unbelievably mouthwatering.

Cherry Cordials with Tempranillo

This is a bold, smooth, and on-the palate kind of wine. It goes great with cherry cordials. The excellent blend of cab, tempranillo, and merlot will beautifully accent the chocolate because of the brown sugar components.