It’s time to discover delicious and irresistible desserts! In this post, you’ll explore the collection of the best desserts in Orlando. These desserts have been tested and perfected; that’s why we are proud to call these desserts our best and share them with you!

The Best Desserts In Orlando To Try

1. Nutella Panini

As a brand of delicious cocoa, hazelnut, and sugar spread, you can’t resist this! Nutella is completely fantastic! While strawberries, banana, and macadamia nuts with Nutella might sound weird, this combo is irresistible and incredible once you give it a trial.

2. Mini Cakes

Elegant miniature desserts are perfect for hosting a bridal shower, book club, or an afternoon tea party. Personalized portions of your favourite cake and filling are great on their own or to mix and match!

3. Homemade Artisan Chocolate Truffles

Homemade chocolate truffles are made primarily from heavy cream and chocolate, with extra ingredients added for flavor and texture. These turn regular truffles into the best chocolate truffles.

4. Pasteis De Nata

Pasteis De Nata is a Portuguese tart that is prepared with a flaky and crispy pastry shell filled with sweet and creamy custard. With a dusting of cinnamon, you can’t help but keep coming for more.

5. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is layered between a coffee-flavored mascarpone cheese flattened with sugar and eggs and then coated with cocoa. While it is still a new dessert, it is fast becoming one of the most famous desserts.

6. Gulab Jamun

This dessert is made by mixing dried flour, milk powder, clarified butter, and yogurt with flavorings. After that, they are rolled into a ball and fried. Finally, it’s immersed in infused syrup for a couple of hours before being eventually topped with crushed nuts.

7. Churros

Originating from Spain, churros are deep-fried dough sticks. They are prepared from a choux-like pastry, fried till golden brown, and sprinkled with sugar.

8. Lamingtons

Lamingtons are prepared from a small square of vanilla sponges topped in desiccated coconut and chocolate.

9. Malva Pudding

As a warm sponge pudding, Malva is made with apricot jam, served with creamy custard and sauce. A slice of malva pudding on chillier days might be the comfort you need!

10. Baklava

Like a sweet pudding from the Middle East, baklava is often served in restaurants when a guest is done eating. This dessert is made from butter, layers of paper-thin filo pastry, sweet syrup fragranced with orange blossom water or rose, and chopped nuts. Normally, it is made in big tins, later baked, and then drizzled with syrup before shredding into pieces.

Finding Desserts In Orlando

If you or a loved one is obsessed with sweet desserts, you will surely want cool dessert places Orlando locals swear by. What makes a restaurant unique? They must have traditional and seasonal rotating flavors. Guests should be hooked on their desserts, must taste yummy, extremely rich, meet your high standards, and be decadent!