Orlando is undeniably home to the finest coffee. But when it comes to the best “coffee shops near me,” it might not always be a smooth journey. If you can’t imagine life without a great coffee and do not want to bank on luck, we’ve put together the list of one the best coffee shops Orlando locals trust!


Five Best “Coffee Shops Near Me”

  1. Chocolate Museum & Café- Do you believe in coffee that tastes incredibly great? That is our specialty at Chocolate Museum & café! We’ve mastered the art of brewing perfect coffee. As one of the best coffee shops, we serve our amazing clients varieties of coffee, from latte to Macchiato, Iced Coffee, Americano, Cappuccino, double espresso, iced latte, mocha, espresso, and iced mocha. With caramel and vanilla flavors, our coffees are deliciously unique and delightfully fun!
  2. Achilles Art Café- For over eight years, Achilles Art has been committed to offering great coffees to consumers. As a reputable shop, they serve a variety of coffee drinks. Their coffee drinks also feature a range of cold brews, drip coffee, and espresso beverages.
  3. Barnie’s Coffee & Tea- With its cozy outdoors and indoor seating environment, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea is home to house-roasted coffee. With a wireless and warm atmosphere, Barnie’s Coffee & Tea is a perfect location for morning coffee. You can’t help but enjoy its sparkling fountain coupled with clinking ambient sounds.
  4. CFS Coffee Downtown- Established in 2010, CFS Coffee downtime specializes in top-quality coffee. They offer varieties of coffee, smoothies, and specialty drinks. With their rich history, you can be sure of quality drinks.
  5. Deeply Coffee- As one of the stylish and sleek coffee shops offering counter-serve coffee, you can add it to your list of great spots for a perfect blend of coffee. For a welcoming environment, Deeply Coffee is flooded with natural light via its large windows.

Qualities Of The Best Coffee Shops

  1. Great Coffee- Visit only coffee shops with fresh coffee roasting and grinding, along with excellent brewing knowledge.
  2. Appropriate Equipment- Serious coffee shops invest only in state-of-the-art equipment.
  3. Traffic- The number of people visiting a coffee shop can tell you that the shop is excellent.
  4. Atmosphere- A comfortable and welcoming environment is vital. This offers an excellent impression that you’ll enjoy your drink.
  5. Convenience- A great shop allows you to order online. They have Wi-Fi, a reliable internet connection, and electrical outlets. This allows you to be more comfortable.
  6. Time– A coffee shop serves you top-quality coffee in a short time.
  7. Food- Great coffee shops source baked goods or artisanal sandwiches that blend with their coffee.